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Risk Assessments

Risk AssessmentIs your Risk Assessment up to Date?

Since the Regulatory Reform Order was introduced in 2006, it is each company’s responsibility to appoint and carry out a fire risk assessment for every building premise which they have in the UK. A fire risk assessment involves identifying risks of fire and then removing or reducing those risks.

The law requires that the fire risk assessment for your premises must be updated frequently and always updated if there is a change in risk, e.g. significant changes in your premises, staffing levels, on-site working processes or if you have had a real fire or a near miss fire incident.

Here at UK Security & Fire, we can tailor your fire risk assessment specifically for your company’s needs. Our team of fire professionals can visit your premises, carry out a full fire risk assessment and provide you with all the required documentation to ensure that you and your business are compliant with the law. More important, we can help you that all risks of fire are removed or reduced to a minimum.

We are more than happy to discuss any further queries you may have regarding fire risk assessments or fire safety on your premises. Please call 0800 612 1053 for further information.

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Fire Training

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Fire training can be provided through the help of theory courses to live fire training no matter what size your organisation is.