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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systemsUK Security & Fire can design, commission and install a fire alarm system to meet your exact requirements. The fire alarm systems which we install are one of 2 types, conventional systems or analogue addressable systems:


The type of technology used for these systems have been around for many years but the reliability has been greatly improved. The ‘intelligence’ of these systems come solely from the fire alarm control panel, which receives a trigger signal from a detector and signals the activation of other devices such as alarm sounders or remote signalling equipment. These systems are a good choice for smaller premises or where there are budget constraints.


Analogue Addressable Systems

These systems add more flexibility, intelligence and speed of identification. Each detector within the premises has its own unique ‘address’. The fire control panel can therefore communicate with eacbreak glassh individual detector and knows which one has been triggered or has a fault. Pre-alarm warnings can also be set up to provide an indication when heat or smoke levels are above a predetermined level. This enables investigations to take place before a full alarm is sounded or the fire services are called.

All of our systems can either be monitored remotely to call the emergency services or to produce a local audible alarm only. Our systems can be also be configured to close fire doors, turn on smoke extraction systems, etc.

Our fire alarm servicing includes:

  • Complete advice and training provided by our fully qualified engineers
  • A dedicated 24hr on call facility
  • Dedicated service manager
  • Preventative maintenance 






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Fire Training

fire extinguisher
Fire training can be provided through the help of theory courses to live fire training no matter what size your organisation is.