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Access Control

Access ControlUK Security & Fire provide a wide range of access control systems from bio metric systems to digital keypads.

Moving away from the traditional lock and key to a fully automated security access control system with access tokens provides you with security that is customisable and under your control.

Using our access control systems, you can control things such as who has access to your buildings or specific areas of a building and what times they can have access. If a token is lost or stolen there is no need to change the locks as you do with a traditional lock and key. Simply deactivate the token remotely and security is restored again.


PC-based Access Control

- With a PC-based system, everything can be controlled centrally at the comfort of your own desk.
- An event can be generated on a report every time a token is used to gain access
- Access rights can be granted instantly to users according to time and place.


What Reporting Provides

- The events screen allows you to see events as they are happening real time
- See who is in today at a glance
- You can see if unauthorised access has been attempted, either by forcing a door or using an invalid token
- With the use of Site Graphics, this can be seen as a visual map of the site, complete with door locations and real-time door status information.


Triggers and Actions

- This allows the control of lighting, lifts, heating and much more. For example, when the last person leaves the office, the lights can be configured to turn off automatically


Timesheet for Time and Attendance

- Shows the number of hours worked by each employee
- Check at a glance to see who is in or out of the office or on holiday
- Employees who work from home can log in over a network


Milestone Integration

- This uses an advanced IP camera surveillance system to associate footage with events as they occur
- Simplifies visual monitoring of your site
- Easily gather visual evidence of alarm events such as door being forced or invalid tokens being used to attempt access

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Fire Training

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