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Burglar Alarms and Security Systems

UK Security and Fire’s burglar alarms are professionally designed and installed to suit your home or business.

We are based centrally in the West Midlands, putting us in the ideal position to provide national coverage and support for your security system requirements. 

For the Home

All of our alarms are carefully designed specifically for your home to provide the maximum security for you. Sensors are carefully situated to ensure a complete detection coverage area. These sensors can also be wireless if required, to avoid unsightly wires in the room.

Multiple alarm control panel codes or alarm fobs for the family allows you to control who can have access to your home.

A UK monitored home security alarm system connects you to our Home Alarm Receiving Centre via your telephone line. In the event of an alarm activation the emergency services or your key holders can be automatically contacted.

We can also link automatic smoke detection systems to your burglar alarm system. This will have the benefit of the fire brigade being automatically contacted in the event of a fire.

For the Business

We design and install alarm systems for all sizes of business’s within the West Midlands and nationally, with each and every system designed to fit with your budget without compromising on security. We can install Redcare, Redcare Gsm, Dual-Com Digicom and bells-only alarm systems. All our systems are graded to the new European standards and fully compliant with all insurance requirements.


UK Security and Fire services now install Grade 2 wireless intruder alarm systems which can be installed into business or domestic premises with minimum disruption to décor and fixtures.  All detection devices are fully supervised for anti-jamming and tamper fault conditions, giving the user full information in the status of all devices.

Wireless detection devices we install range from:

• Door contacts
• PIRS (Passive Infra-Red Detector)
• Smoke detectors
• Panic buttons
• Vibration detectors
• Wireless set and unset fob

 Red CareRed Care Classic

We are installers of BT Redcare, which has been established for over 25 years and are a market leader in the field of alarm signaling.

When did you last take action upon hearing an alarm? These days, alarms are sadly often ignored. And if your premises are away from passers-by or it’s the middle of the night, a response is even less likely. What’s more, to overcome unnecessary call-outs caused by false alarms, the police tend to respond when there’s confirmation of a break-in from an accredited alarm receiving centre.

Just because you have an alarm system installed, it doesn’t mean you’re fully protected.

BT Redcare Classic continuously checks that the telephone line is there and will notify the alarm receiving centre within seconds if your telephone line is tampered with or a fault occurs. This centre can then summon the police, or authorised keyholder, as required.


Red Care GSM

Do you have valuable stock on your premises? Is your building out of public sight? Do you want the police to respond as fast as possible if your premises are broken into? How long would it take your business to recover following a break-in?

Just because you have an alarm system installed, it doesn’t mean you’re fully protected.

BT Redcare GSM doubly protects because it uses two secure signalling paths to your alarm receiving centre. If either is tampered with by an intruder, or is faulty, the alarm receiving centre will be alerted and the relevant emergency services, or your authorised keyholder, will be called.

BT Redcare GSM uses the security of a BT phone line with the added protection of a GSM radio back-up path. If either is interfered with by an intruder, the other continues to monitor for any further alarms and transmits them as ‘confirmed activations’ – extra confirmation that an intruder is on the premises and that the alarm isn’t false. A ‘confirmed activation’ attracts immediate response from the emergency services.
BT Redcare GSM is ideal for all commercials risks and homes needing the highest level of security.



DualCom plus is a totally integrated dual-signalling device using both telephone and radio paths. This combination ensures an alarm signal can be transmitted despite deliberate or accidental failure of either path.


  • Offers advanced protection for people and property
  • Costs less to install and run on an annual basis than any other dual-signalling device
  • Transmits alarm signals end-to-end thus eliminating the potential delays associated with text messaging (SMS) as used by other similar products
  • Uses the low-traffic, high speed and secure Vodafone Data Network (typically 3 seconds to ARC)
  • Five-minute polling on telephone or radio path in the event of signal-path failure
  • Conforms to ABI (Association of British Insurers) requirements by indicating signal-path failure locally
  • Conforms to Police standards (ACPO & DD243) and Inspectorate requirements
  • Complies to Grade 4 for maximum insurance approval
  • DualCom currently protects national supermarket chains, high street pharmacies, jewellery chains as well as other high risk independent stores, offices etc.
  • The only signalling device that doesn't require a special version to work over ADSL (Broadband) or ISDN. *(Connection to ADSL lines requires the Network Service Provider's ADSL filter)
    Since its introduction to the intruder alarm market in 1996, DualCom is officially recognised as the original and most widely used dual-signalling device in the UK. It’s reputation as an advanced, reliable and cost effective signalling device has led to nationwide installations in supermarket chains, high street stores, banks and other vulnerable premises.


A bells-only alarm is a burglar alarm which makes only audible noise from the external and or internal sounders when the alarm is triggered. The bells-only alarm may deter intruders and alert the neighbour when the alarm activates but on its own will not generate a police response.


24hr Monitoring

Most insurance companies insist that alarm systems are monitored to provide police response in the event of an incident. Our alarm response centre operates 24 hours a day and is connected directly to all UK police forces. We will ensure that the Police, Fire Brigade or your key holder is called out to the premises whenever they're needed.


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Fire Training

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Fire training can be provided through the help of theory courses to live fire training no matter what size your organisation is.